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  1. Clifford wrote a number of poems and plays, including " The Great Pacificator ", which was staged at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in 1947.
  2. About thirty activists chained themselves to a dock platform while four speedboats buzzed the U . S . ship Pacificator as it moved up the River Tagus to Lisbon's harbor.
  3. The cargo ship Pacificator was carrying 14, 500 tons of the gene-modified corn which, according to Greenpeace, poses " unacceptable " health and environmental risks.
  4. Sometimes it is translated as a Messianic title that means " He Whose It Is " or as " Pacific, Pacificator " or " Tranquility " that refers to the Samaritan Pentateuch.
  5. Dryden replied that if he had fallen foul of the priesthood he had only to ask pardon of good priests, and was afraid Milbourne's  part of the reparation would come to little .   I am satisfied,  he concludes,  that while he and I live together I shall not be thought the worst poet of the age .  The morals of Milbourne, who, according to Dryden, had lost his living for libelling his parishioners, were severely handled in a poem entitled " The Pacificator ", 1699.
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