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  1. Nevertheless, total pacification of Lusitania was only achieved under Augustus.
  2. In addition, he saw action in the pacification of Olancho.
  3. This force continued the struggle against the Japanese pacification of Manchukuo.
  4. Royal marriage was often used for pacification wasn't it?
  5. By pacification the elder Aidid meant bringing other factions under his control.
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  7. I will continue to fortify the process of pacification in the country,
  8. We are still working for the pacification of the capital.
  9. As pacification proceeded, the French government promoted French market.
  10. A systematic campaign of conquest and pacification was undertaken by the Portuguese.
  11. In 1881 it was the base for the final campaign of pacification.
  12. The pacification of vendettas was a significant part of his pastoral activity.
  13. The troops forced the further pacification and development of the district area.
  14. Following the pacification of Algeria is an early example of unconventional warfare.
  15. Trawniki training camp during the shooting action in the pacification of Warsaw.
  16. After 1912 the Portuguese pacification of East Timor was complete.
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