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  1. The Pacific-10 Conference eventually granted him a medical redshirt.
  2. Such are the riches of Costa Rica's Pacific Coast.
  3. We think market opportunities do exist, primarily in the Pacific.
  4. The Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu was closed by a slide.
  5. The storm shut down Pacific Coast Highway and Topanga Canyon Boulevard.
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  7. Telephone : 619-438-0305, Pacific Time Zone.
  8. A fifth-place finisher in the Pacific-10 Conference.
  9. Tournament bid : At-large from Pacific-10 Conference.
  10. At the time, Ginn was chief executive of Pacific Telesis.
  11. Plus the ever-stunning Pacific Ocean, always a bonus.
  12. The Pacific command was to occupy Spokane, Seattle and Portland.
  13. The great virgin forests of the Pacific Northwest continue to fall.
  14. Pacific Telesis expects to have that many homes wired by 2000.
  15. Morgan Stanley & Co . v . Pacific Mut.
  16. Located on San Diego Bay at Kettner Boulevard and Pacific Highway.
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