pacific blockade in a sentence

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  1. This was followed by a number of other coercive measures described in the textbooks as pacific blockades.
  2. This opens up a variety of possibilities, such as good offices, mediation, the appointment of a commission of inquiry, arbitration, reprisals, pacific blockade and war.
  3. Though this does not affect pacific blockades in principle, it supersedes them in practice by a new procedure for some of the cases in which they have hitherto been employed.
  4. On 7 December 1902 both Britain and Germany issued ultimatums to Venezuela, even though there was still disagreement about whether to impose a pacific blockade ( as the Germans wanted ) or a war blockade ( as the British wanted ).
  5. The first case, however, in which the operation was really a blockade, unaccompanied by hostilities, and which therefore can be properly called a pacific blockade, was that which in 1837 Great Britain exercised against arms and sentenced to six years imprisonment.

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