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  1. Fortunately for the Pacers, they have much more than Miller.
  2. It's about the Knicks and the Pacers ."
  3. The Pacers were just lucky to catch him in his debut.
  4. Atlanta was third in scoring defense; the Pacers were fourth.
  5. If Smits gets the better of Ewing, the Pacers win.
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  7. The Indiana Pacers did not need a dramatic comeback on Saturday.
  8. The Pacers will surely come in loose and ready to play.
  9. The crowd was shocked and the Pacers were in deep trouble.
  10. We pick it up with the Pacers leading 89-87.
  11. The Pacers turned the ball over ( Antonio Davis walked ).
  12. The Pacers turned the ball over ( Hardaway stripped Davis ).
  13. Miller, the heart and soul of the Pacers, disappeared.
  14. In other words, it was the Indiana Pacers of hurricanes.
  15. No one cares now when Brown brings his Indiana Pacers here.
  16. The injury occurred when Pacers center Rik Smits accidentally elbowed Williams.
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