paced learning in a sentence

  1. "IEEE eLearning Library " is a collection of online educational courses designed for self-paced learning.
  2. The Lower School, grades 1 6, offers TAP, Targeted Academic Progress, which is fast-paced learning for advanced students.
  3. Reusable components for self-paced learning were to become an integral part of the department's role a few years later.
  4. Though in its infancy it relied heavily on computer software for self-paced learning, today it relies most heavily on textbooks.
  5. Apart from obvious benefits such as flexible scheduling and self-paced learning, multimedia training also offers some cost advantages, according to Loh.
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  7. Control of the pace learning : Incorporating interactivity in a multimedia application also allows the users to have control of the content of the application.
  8. They produce a brochure each term listing the courses and sessions they run, some of which can be conducted on-line or in tandem with self-paced learning.
  9. He teaches math and science in The Opportunity Program ( TOP ), which offers self-paced learning to students who want to graduate early or who have fallen behind their peers.
  10. Depending on how they were narrated or produced, filmstrips ( which often came with an instructor's guide ) were flexible enough to be used in both self-paced learning formats or a full classroom.
  11. WisCEL doesn't specify any particular course design, but supports faculty in their use of teaching strategies such as flipped classroom Flip teaching, problem based learning, students working together spontaneously, instructor-as-coach models, self-paced learning opportunities, immediate learning progress feedback, and increased instructor time with students.
  12. R-ITI is a collaboration between the Royal College of Radiologists, the UK NHS . It is tasked with providing three new radiology academies, a national archive of peer-validated cases ( Validated Case Archive ), and over 1, 000 e-learning sessions for self-paced learning & knowledge acquisition.

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