pace mannion in a sentence

  1. About 125 members of the Pace Mannion Fan Club attended the game.
  2. There were Tom Chambers, Danny Vranes, Pace Mannion and Josh Grant, among others.
  3. Pace Mannion, Adrian Caldwell, Alberto Rossini, Andrea Gianolla, Giuseppe Bosa, Alberto Tonut, Angelo Gilardi, Eros Buratti, Omar Tagliabue, Alessandro Zorzolo
  4. In 1983, a group of Rice University students at Wiess College started the Pace Mannion Fan Club after watching him trip over his own feet while taking a breakaway layup during the NCAA playoffs.
  5. In the 1983 NCAA Men's basketball tournament, Pimm's Utes were seeded 10th in the west regional, but led by Pace Mannion, Utah upset 7th seed Illinois and 2nd seed UCLA before losing to eventual champion North Carolina State.
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  7. Aspects of Wiess life include family-style dining and freshman waiting, Tabletop Theater, the Ubangee, pumpkin caroling, Night of Decadence, " Hello, Hamlet ! ", the Pace Mannion fan club, the turning of the statue of university founder William Marsh Rice, and the War Pig.
  8. You watched the J . B . Carroll / Sonny Parker / Charles Dudley / Wesley Cox / Wayne Cooper / World B . Free / Lewis Lloyd / Mickey Johnson / Jerome Whitehead / Chris Engler / Pace Mannion / Larry Smith / Mike Bratz / Peter Verhoeven Era, though, and you knew how awful that was.
  9. Riva had left for Milano in 1988 but Pace Mannion joined the club in his heed, he would be decisive in the conquest of the Pau-Orthez ( ranked 8th and last in the group with 2 12 record ) and changing coaches and foreign players but this could not prevent the team from getting relegated to the second division, ending a forty-year tenure in the first division, the Allievi family conceded the ownership to Franco Polti in its wake.

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