pace making in a sentence

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  1. But Joffe's pacing makes this one extremely slow movie.
  2. Pace makes race, they say at the horse track.
  3. Does his assembly-line pace make Stine's stories formulaic?
  4. Pace makes the race, especially for this Preakness.
  5. His ability to vary his pace makes him a man difficult to face.
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  7. The slow pace makes it unfeasible for legal action to resurrect the merger.
  8. This relaxed pace makes the oddest things enjoyable.
  9. In other words, pace makes the race.
  10. Pace makes no difference, good bowling does,
  11. At one and a half miles, pace makes a race and a lot can happen.
  12. The pace makes it hard to keep up with the strengths and weaknesses of the different services.
  13. He is good at crossing and his pace making him an integral element of the Indian squad.
  14. Pace makes the race, and a slow pace can ruin the race for a fast-closing horse.
  15. The play is only two hours with an intermission, and Yionoulis'swift pacing makes it seem even shorter.
  16. The reason, he said, is the hurricane's lethargic pace makes it susceptible to relatively minor atmospheric forces.
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