pace law school in a sentence

  1. Garfield began her career at Pace Law School teaching legal research and writing.
  2. Pace Law school also has one of the most comprehensive Immigration programs in the country.
  3. Previously, she taught at Pace Law School and Rutgers School of Law-Newark.
  4. Pace Law School is known for its Environmental Law program that ranks third in the nation.
  5. Tagore Trajano got his Postdoctorate at Pace Law School, Ph . D in the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.
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  7. After his retirement in 1984, Cooke returned to private practice and was also a scholar in residence at Pace Law School.
  8. The Board of Trustees of Pace University appointed Pace Law School dean Stephen J . Friedman to the position of interim president.
  9. Founded in 1976, Pace Law School is accredited by the American Bar Association and is located in White Plains, New York.
  10. In 2016, the U . S . News & World Report has ranked Pace Law School # 136 in the United States.
  11. "And what would be the basis for such an appeal ? " said Steven Goldberg, former dean of Pace Law School.
  12. In addition to teaching at New York Law School, Meringolo began teaching Trial Advocacy and Advanced Trial Advocacy in 2011 at Pace Law School.
  13. Pace University's Graduate Center is located across the street from the White Plains Station, while Pace Law School's campus lies several blocks away on North Broadway.
  14. Also located in White Plains, New York, several blocks away from Pace Law School, is the site of the Graduate Center in White Plains'downtown business district.
  15. Pace Law School offers programs of study leading to the Juris Doctor ( J . D . ), Doctor of Juridical Science ( S . J . D . ) degrees.
  16. "It's hard to conceive that any company could be less forthcoming than Con Ed, " said Edward Smeloff, executive director of the Pace Law School Energy Project.
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