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  1. During the pace lap, Ralph Hepburn's car stalled.
  2. He would re-join the field for the pace lap.
  3. One driver starting from the pole position crashed on the pace lap.
  4. Tom Sneva crashed on the backstretch on the pace lap.
  5. The crash delayed the start by five extra pace laps.
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  7. He hit the wall during the pace lap.
  8. Bodine also replaced Terry Labonte on the pace lap in two Winston Cup events.
  9. Dale Earnhardt suffered a blackout during the pace laps and crashed, ending his day.
  10. But his mood quickly turned sour when his car blew its engine during the pace lap.
  11. In 1992 he spun off on the pace lap after having qualified on the pole position.
  12. After clean up, the field restarted, with two pace laps before the green flag.
  13. Additional pace laps were run ( unscored ) after Roberto Guerrero crashed during a parade lap.
  14. At the end of the pace laps, the field will partake in a rolling start.
  15. Brack crashed out on the pace lap a year ago, while driving for team owner Rick Galles.
  16. He finished 34th in an expanded field of 35 starters after an engine problem on the pace lap.
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