pabuji in a sentence

  1. The Thori are Hindu, with Pabuji being their main deity.
  2. Bhopa community in Rajasthan are considered to be priest singers of Pabuji.
  3. The mare was, of course, Pabuji's mother returned to him.
  4. So she sent a letter to Pabuji imploring him to carry out his promise.
  5. Instantly, a palanquin came from heaven and took Pabuji away with his mare.
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  7. There was a great battle, in which Pabuji and Khici came face to face.
  8. In exchange for the mare, Pabuji promised to protect Deval from Khinchi's raids.
  9. They depict the story of Pabuji on canvas and recite it to the public through religious songs.
  10. To try to prevent a blood-feud Pabuji and Buro gave Khinchi their sister Pema in marriage.
  11. To the right of Pabuji's court is the court of the Lady Deval ( goddess of Kolu ).
  12. On the way, when Pabuji offered Dhebo some opium, Dhebo revealed that he was disembowelled, and died.
  13. As a reward Pabuji offered him the hand of his niece Kelam, Buro's daughter, and he accepted.
  14. But Kelam's parents were fiercely opposed to any such wedding, and so Pabuji set up a subterfuge instead.
  15. Other temples includes Nagnechi Mata temple, Hanuman Temple, Gogamedi, Hariramji, s temple and Pabuji's temple.
  16. Present day narratives have drawn parallels with the Ramayana episodes to create divine attributes of the deities to Pabuji and the other characters.
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