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  1. Pabstite can also be found associated with galena, cassiterite and sphalerite.
  2. The chemical formula of pabstite is Ba ( Sn, Ti ) Si 3 O 9.
  3. Pabstite commonly occurs as anhedral crystals and masses that vary in their color from colorless to white.
  4. Large amounts of pabstite were found in Santa Cruz as fracture filling and dissemnted grains in recrystallized siliceous limestones.
  5. In addition, pabstite can be found in Rush Creek in California when benitoite contains small amounts of tin.
  6. It's difficult to find pabstite in a sentence.
  7. "' Pabstite "'is a barium tin titanium silicate mineral that is found in contact metamorphosed limestone.

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