pablum in a sentence

"pablum" meaning  "pablum" in Chinese  
  1. Surely this had all the makings of self-congratulatory pablum.
  2. Often, the statements sound trite, uninspiring and contain corporate pablum.
  3. At KWNK-AM ( 670 ),'twas syndicated pablum.
  4. Clinton's major China speech last week was pablum.
  5. Either that, or safe, applause-generating pablum.
  6. It's difficult to find pablum in a sentence.
  7. I listened to the speech and it was utter pablum.
  8. In the pablum of prime time, that's reason to watch.
  9. "I don't expect anything other than pablum,"
  10. Yes, and it's clearly marketing pablum.
  11. The more self-censorship that ensues, the more our culture becomes pablum.
  12. This is not the kind of Christian pop pablum that puts its message first.
  13. Either they declare that pablum is delicious, or they sink into chronic dyspepsia.
  14. I wanted to give the American woman not Pablum, but the real thing.
  15. This series makes the pablum of typical happy endings understandable; they're easier.
  16. This year, though, it's pablum for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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