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  1. With the incorporation of the membrane technology, oxygen plants have outstanding technical characteristics.
  2. Membrane oxygen plants are finding increasingly broad application in various industries all over the world.
  3. The Oxygen Plant provides Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon for processes like steel making and annealing.
  4. Support facilities at Fairchild AFB, including a liquid oxygen plant, were completed by January 1961.
  5. Plants cannot survive without it, just as we cannot survive without the oxygen plants exhale.
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  7. Repairs to a burned-out motor in the smelter's oxygen plant will cost BHP at least $ 1 million.
  8. Membrane oxygen plants are highly reliable due to the absence of moving parts in the gas separation module.
  9. In April 1962, a completed liquid oxygen plant built at Walker AFB was turned over to the Air Force.
  10. The adsorption oxygen plants produce 5 to 5, 000 Nm 3 / h of oxygen with a purity of 93-95 %.
  11. In the membrane oxygen plant, gas separation is achieved in the gas separation module composed of hollow-fiber membranes and representing the plant critical and high-technology unit.
  12. Hamilton, Ontario : L'Air Liquide announces a C $ 70M investment to build a new liquid oxygen plant in Hamilton . ( See : AI FP Equity CN)
  13. Hamilton, Ontario : L'Air Liquide will announce a C $ 70M investment to build a new liquid oxygen plant in Hamilton . ( See : AI FP Equity CN)
  14. Two days later, the Army launched a counter-offensive on Brigade 82, claiming that it recaptured the Oxygen Plant and Niqta Al-Masarat and advanced to the base's northern entrance in its outskirts.
  15. Where gaseous oxygen purity is required at the level of 90-95 % with the capacity of up to 5, 000 Nm 3 per hour, adsorption oxygen plants are the optimal choice.
  16. The strikes escalated on 18 June, with walkouts at Drax Power Station and Eggborough Power Station in Yorkshire and Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station in Nottinghamshire, BP Saltend, and the BOC oxygen plant at Scunthorpe.
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