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  1. Oxygen toxicity becomes a risk when these oxygen partial pressures and exposures are exceeded.
  2. Oxygen toxicity, involving convulsions, becomes a problem when oxygen partial pressure is too high.
  3. The model was originally developed for programming decompression computers for constant oxygen partial pressure closed circuit rebreathers.
  4. The hypoxic episode is necessarily severe, usually with an arterial oxygen partial pressure less than 40mmHg.
  5. Oxygen partial pressure in a passive addition system is controlled by the breathing rate of the diver.
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  7. Non-linear cells do not perform in an expected manner across its range of oxygen partial pressures.
  8. The depth is sufficient to allow divers to maintain an oxygen partial pressure of 1.3 bicycle ergometer.
  9. If correct, then there is no need to postulate an atmosphere with higher oxygen partial pressure ."
  10. Hypoxia and sudden unconsciousness becomes a problem with an oxygen partial pressure of less than 0.16 bar absolute.
  11. They are also used in electronic, closed-circuit rebreathers to monitor the oxygen partial pressure during the dive.
  12. The same principles were applied to developing an algorithm and tables for a constant oxygen partial pressure model for Heliox diving
  13. Sickle-cell disease is characterized by extensive impairment in erythrocyte deformability, being dependent on the oxygen partial pressure.
  14. However, the oxygen partial pressure will vary depending on metabolic requirements, and this is generally predictable only within limits.
  15. In 1947, Donald recommended limiting the depth allowed for breathing pure oxygen to, which equates to an oxygen partial pressure of.
  16. The air in Tibet is much thinner, with oxygen partial pressure being 35 % to 40 % below that at sea level.
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