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  1. It burns liquid hydrogen fuel and liquid oxygen oxidizer using a gimbal in two planes.
  2. Super-chilled liquid oxygen oxidizer had to be pumped aboard the missile just before launch, and complex equipment was required to store and move this liquid.
  3. Also, the full load of liquid oxygen oxidizer was shorted slightly so that the amount of hydrogen remaining would approximate that of the Saturn V parking orbit.
  4. Cryogenic propellants ( liquid oxygen oxidizer, and liquid hydrogen fuel ) need to be continuously topped off ( i . e ., boil-off replaced ) during the launch sequence ( countdown ), as the vehicle awaits liftoff.
  5. The rocket engine was a four-chamber design built by Reaction Motors, Inc ., one of the first companies to build liquid-propellant rocket engines in the U . S . This rocket burned ethyl alcohol diluted with water with a liquid oxygen oxidizer.
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  7. For orbital launches, there were strong advantages to using higher-performance liquid hydrogen or RP-1 ( kerosene ) fueled vehicles with a liquid oxygen oxidizer; the high cost of using hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide, along with the special care that was needed due to their toxicity, were a further consideration.

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