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  1. The title'O2TV'was derived from the chemical designation for an oxygen molecule, O2.
  2. The oxygen molecule needs to be completely expelled from the reaction.
  3. The more oxygen molecules there are, the greater the signal loss.
  4. This eventually resulted in the production of lethal amounts of reactive oxygen molecules.
  5. Carbon monoxide kills by crowding oxygen molecules out of the bloodstream.
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  7. You start with oxygen molecules ( O2 ) and a hydrocarbon.
  8. Flamb?can manipulate oxygen molecules to increase a fire s size and temperature.
  9. The mammalian hemoglobin molecule can bind ( carry ) up to four oxygen molecules.
  10. These reactive oxygen molecules are able to damage genes and cause changes in proteins.
  11. A hemoglobin molecule leaving the left side of the heart carries four oxygen molecules.
  12. The number of hydrogen molecules produced is thus twice the number of oxygen molecules.
  13. During that process, mitochondria steal electrons from oxygen molecules in order to function more smoothly.
  14. Unfortunately however, splitting the oxygen molecule is more difficult, and this causes significant electric losses.
  15. The shape of the curve results from the interaction of bound oxygen molecules with incoming molecules.
  16. Charge transport has major concerns due to adsorption of contaminants such as water and oxygen molecules.
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