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  1. Pauling designed the Pauling oxygen meter for them.
  2. The player-character has health and oxygen meters, which are replenished when the character returns to the rocket.
  3. Creating the oxygen meter was a technical challenge, involving the creation of tiny, highly precise glass dumbbells.
  4. Place the dissolved oxygen probe in the bottle and allow the dissolved oxygen meter to come to equilibrium.
  5. I have gotten a notice of violation for a broken membrane on my dissolved oxygen meter, and I think the inspector broke it.
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  7. Their oxygen meter had used the technique of polarography, and they developed further products on the same principle, including t the first immobilized-enzyme-activated polarographic sensor in 1972.
  8. Riordan said no disciplinary action is anticipated because a combination of human error, failure to check the oxygen meter and the broken safety prong were all factors in the deaths.
  9. For example, people who own aquariums can buy a " dissolved oxygen meter " that uses an electrochemical probe . talk ) 15 : 38, 6 April 2014 ( UTC)
  10. TIn other analytical instruments, they produced the first practical dissolved oxygen meter for field and laboratory use in 1965, which the same magazine recognized as yet another of the most significant technological products of the year.

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