oxygen metabolism in a sentence

  1. It photographs slices of the brain, detecting which areas are active by tracking oxygen metabolism.
  2. Some think a byproduct of oxygen metabolism _ free radicals _ could be toxic to memory brain cells.
  3. It scavenges free radicals, the destabilizing byproducts of oxygen metabolism that also seem to multiply in damaged cells.
  4. He published his first scientific paper, about carbon dioxide and oxygen metabolism in plants, with Deh閞ain in 1874.
  5. Some of these " insults, " or injuries, are caused by free radicals, the destructive byproducts of oxygen metabolism.
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  7. These estimates are, however, unmindful of every living cell's natural repair mechanisms, evolved over a few billion years of exposure to environmental chemical and radiation threats that were higher in the past, and exaggerated by the evolution of oxygen metabolism.
  8. The genes ( " EPAS1 ", " EGLN1 ", and " PPARA " ) function in concert with another gene named hypoxia inducible factors ( " HIF " ), which in turn is a principal regulator of red blood cell production ( erythropoiesis ) in response to oxygen metabolism.

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