oxygen masks in a sentence

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  1. These categories include syringes, oxygen masks and simple surgical lasers.
  2. His fervor undeterred, he shouted obscenities through his oxygen mask.
  3. Heavy insulation renders them harmless when used for emergency oxygen masks.
  4. At the same time, oxygen masks automatically drop for passengers.
  5. But he disagreed, scowling at me through his oxygen mask.
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  7. The paramedics strap an oxygen mask over Carver's mouth.
  8. The doctor said his choices were surgery or an oxygen mask.
  9. But she was still using an oxygen mask, he said.
  10. He was reported to be conscious but on an oxygen mask.
  11. One occurrence resulted in dropped oxygen masks and an emergency landing.
  12. Wouldn't they black out if their oxygen mask fails?
  13. He is still using an oxygen mask, police said.
  14. All but four oxygen masks deployed, the crew reported.
  15. Oxygen masks were deployed, but failed to appear at four seats.
  16. They wore oxygen masks and glittered numbers on their backs.
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