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  1. In 2005, a redesign of the HAC added toilets and oxygen masks.
  2. And the oxygen masks had popped out and were dangling from above.
  3. With an oxygen mask, the police manage to save Wong from coma.
  4. Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling after the explosion, the passengers said.
  5. They also reported that oxygen masks were dangling in the passenger cabin.
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  7. He used the pretext that they interfered with the airplane's oxygen masks.
  8. Sometimes the men had to pry oxygen masks from their frozen faces.
  9. He confesses to dotting flight attendants as they demonstrate the oxygen mask.
  10. He said his ears popped and the oxygen masks then came down.
  11. Some early airliners had oxygen masks for the passengers for routine flights.
  12. Fire broke out in February 1997, forcing the crew to don oxygen masks.
  13. He was reported to be conscious but on an oxygen mask.
  14. Oxygen masks come off, and there is an excited buzz throughout the plane.
  15. Shure also manufactured specialized headsets and the MC-1 oxygen mask microphone.
  16. Every plane is equipped with oxygen masks in case the cabin loses pressure.
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