oxygen machining in a sentence

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  1. Many can't return home because they lack power to run oxygen machines.
  2. Electricity is needed to run oxygen machines and other essential medical equipment.
  3. His oxygen machine and heart monitor lay dismantled in the living room.
  4. Last week, Nomcebo Ndlovu sipped each breath from an oxygen machine.
  5. He is OK sitting at the parimutuel window, his oxygen machine at his side.
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  7. My boss took me in, with a hospital bed and oxygen machine and everything.
  8. She says she is now using an oxygen machine.
  9. Lomax sees the oxygen machine as a means to escape by rupturing the city's dome.
  10. It also includes surgical consumables for several thousand operations and oxygen machines for the Palestinian group.
  11. She relies on an oxygen machine and a ventilator that helps her breathe during the night.
  12. He sits on the Marquette bench with a portable oxygen machine nearby to help him breathe.
  13. Occasionally, at Ward's encouragement, Pell will turn on the oxygen machine resting several feet from his chair.
  14. At least two people use oxygen machines.
  15. The surprise was that he wasn't strapped in a wheelchair or at least leaning against an oxygen machine.
  16. This is a very laid-back place, obviously, " said Donoghue, 71, who relies on an oxygen machine and Pacemaker.
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