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  1. They exhibit broad emission line spectra with helium, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen lines.
  2. The foam came off a bracket which held an oxygen line in place.
  3. Engineers replaced Endeavour's leaky oxygen line and, as a precaution, a nitrogen line.
  4. He also expressed confidence that a leaking oxygen line aboard Endeavour is fixed.
  5. Both oxygen lines had passed all inspections in the hangar.
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  7. The red oxygen lines originate at altitudes of about 300 km, in the F-layer.
  8. It was wedged next to the liquid-oxygen line between Discovery and its external fuel tank.
  9. The pin was wedged next to the liquid-oxygen line between Discovery and its external fuel tank.
  10. Washburn's oxygen lines became tangled as he was diving Thursday near the small town of Reesedale.
  11. The fire burns though oxygen lines and de-icer lines, airframe impacting in American River Canyon, California.
  12. One of the bullets severed the pilot's oxygen line, so Beyea handed over his oxygen supply.
  13. Inc . was a San Jose-based company which produced the Oxygen line of high-end 3D graphics cards.
  14. It was a stunning discovery since both oxygen lines had passed all inspections back in the hangar.
  15. The 18 balls in Columbia's liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen lines cannot be checked adequately at the launch pad.
  16. Endeavour's flight to the international space station had been postponed by a leaking oxygen lined and a damaged robot arm.
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