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  1. As oxygen levels increased in the atmosphere and oceans, the sediments changed.
  2. The oxygen levels in a pond can be checked with monitoring kits.
  3. Oxygen therapy may be used to assist in raising blood oxygen levels.
  4. The new results confirm the suspicion that oxygen levels suddenly shoot up.
  5. Most embryologists have traditionally thought that oxygen levels rise gently throughout pregnancy.
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  7. As the oxygen level in the hospital drops, people begin to collapse.
  8. Oxygen levels in the water are returning to normal, Strom said Monday
  9. Dissolved oxygen levels can be increased through two methods aeration and oxygenation.
  10. This can lead to pH stress even when oxygen levels are high.
  11. This raised oxygen levels quickly and fish returned to their normal behavior.
  12. Plants are further beneficial since they raise oxygen levels in the water.
  13. The normal oxygen level for fresh water is 6 milligrams per liter.
  14. Low oxygen levels alter an egg's metabolism, making the contents more acidic.
  15. Oxygen toxicity is managed by reducing the exposure to increased oxygen levels.
  16. Oxygen toxicity is managed by reducing the exposure to elevated oxygen levels.
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