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  1. Labriola and Livingston said anti-oxidants thwart this therapeutic effect.
  2. MULTIFORTIFIED SNACKS ( with fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins)
  3. Boiling and steaming decreased the amount of anti-oxidant capacities.
  4. This makes it kinetically nonreactive despite being thermodynamically a strong oxidant.
  5. PtF 6 is a strong oxidant and a strong fluorinating agent.
  6. It's difficult to find oxidant in a sentence.
  7. Vitamin E is a potent anti-oxidant in the body.
  8. The Molybdenum complex is activated with an oxidant such as chloranil.
  9. Myocardial stunning is associated with oxidant radical damage and calcium overload.
  10. In almost all cases Mixed oxidant is a more effective solution.
  11. Anti-oxidants work by capturing free radicals before they become destructive.
  12. Don't get him started about anti-oxidants.
  13. Conventional rockets must carry both fuel and an oxidant to burn it.
  14. Antioxidants that are reducing agents can also act as pro-oxidants.
  15. For instance, oxidants can activate uncoupling proteins that reduce membrane potential.
  16. Oxidants include halogens, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and oxides of nitrogen.
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