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  1. In the 1930s, she had contact with the Oxford Group.
  2. In the 1930s the Oxford Group had a substantial following in Germany.
  3. The Oxford Group writers sometimes treated sin as a disease.
  4. Hilliard became interested in the Oxford Group of evangelical Christians.
  5. Together with people like Ronald Fangen Ramm participated in the Oxford Group.
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  7. In June 1939 the Oxford Group was legally incorporated.
  8. During the war, the Oxford Group in Germany divided into three parts.
  9. In Britain the Oxford Group / Moral Re-Armament was very active.
  10. In 1937 the Wilsons broke with the Oxford Group.
  11. He wrote a couple of famous Oxford Group books.
  12. It soon became involved in the Oxford Group, prevalent up until 1940.
  13. The Oxford Group was following a long tradition.
  14. About 30 Oxford Group workers were exempted from military service to continue this work.
  15. Wilson did not obtain his spiritual awakening by his attendance at the Oxford Group.
  16. Hazard introduced Ebby to Carl Jung's theory and then to the Oxford Group.
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