oxazolidines in a sentence

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  1. To create rewritable paper the researchers used four oxazolidines.
  2. Some of the isomers of these oxazolidines are colourless in the absence of water.
  3. All of the carbons in oxazolidines are reduced ( compare to oxazole and oxazoline ).
  4. Two conceptually different approaches are feasible for preparing oxazolidine-and thiazolidine-ring-containing dipeptide derivatives : ( 1 ) the in situ acylation of Ser-or Thr-derived oxazolidines or Cys-derived thiazolidines using acid fluorides or N-carboxyanhydrides ( NCA ); and ( 2 ) the direct insertion of the oxazolidine systems into dipeptides ( post-insertion ) containing C-terminal Ser or Thr.
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