oxathres in a sentence

  1. Oxathres is the Greek form of the Ghata Avestan name Huxaathra which is a distinctly Zoroastrian name.
  2. She was the half-sister of Xerxes II, Sogdianus, and Darius II . She married her half-brother Darius and had four sons : Artaxerxes II, Cyrus the Younger, Ostanes, and Oxathres.
  3. His sons born from his concubine were Cyrus, Xerxes, Darius, Ariarathes IX of Cappadocia, Artaphernes, Oxathres, Phoenix ( Mithridates son by a mistress of Syrian descent ) and Exipodras, named after kings of the Egyptian Greek Pharaohs Ptolemy XII Auletes and his brother Ptolemy of Cyprus.
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