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  1. It forms an acid chloride called oxalyl chloride.
  2. "' Oxalyl fluoride "'is a fluorinated derivative of oxalic acid.
  3. Cyanuric Chloride can also be used as an alternative to oxalyl chloride in the Swern oxidation.
  4. It has been conjectured to be a fleeting intermediate in the thermal decomposition of certain oxalates and certain chemoluminescent reactions of oxalyl chloride.
  5. Use thionyl chloride or oxalyl chloride instead of PCl5 ? ( This is in-situ acyl chloride formation . ) Use an activated ester?
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  7. In March 2000, a Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 was damaged beyond repair after a falsely declared cargo of oxalyl chloride leaked into the cargo bay.
  8. The tendency towards dicarbamoyl chloride formation depends on the chlorination reagent ( thionyl chloride > oxalyl chloride > phosphorus oxychloride ) and is higher in the presence of a base.
  9. :: : " After a number of experiments, he found to his great excitement that oxalyl chloride mixed with hydrogen peroxide and a fluorescent dye produced chemical light.
  10. The dioxygenyl salts O 2 BF 4 and O 2 AsF 6 react with carbon monoxide to give oxalyl fluoride, C 2 O 2 F 2, in high yield.
  11. Oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase is hypothesized to be evolutionarily related to acetolactate synthase, a TPP-dependent enzyme responsible for the biosynthesis of branched chain amino acids in certain organisms.
  12. The pods can be eaten but like many members of the genus " Lathyrus " they contain ?-oxalyl-" L "-?, ?-diaminopropionic acid, which can cause paralysis called lathyrism.
  13. Despite their similarities, only oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase is necessary for the formation of ATP in " Oxalobacter formigenes ", and exogenous ADP has been demonstrated to increase the decarboxylase activity of OXC, but not acetolactate synthase.
  14. No FAD binding is observed in oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase, but an excess of coenzyme A in the crystal structure has led to the hypothesis that the binding site was co-opted during OXC evolution to bind the CoA moiety of its substrate.
  15. While long and medium chain fatty acids are oxidized mainly in the mitochondria, DFAs are oxidized primarily in peroxisomes, which degrade DFAs completely to malonyl-CoA ( in the case of odd chain length DFAs ) and oxalyl-CoA ( for even chain length DFAs ).
  16. It can be synthesized by reacting 2-carbopentoxy-3, 5, 6-trichlorophenol with oxalyl chloride . ( Note : This article originally was called Bis ( 2, 4, 5-trichlorophenyl-6-carbopentoxyphenyl ) oxalate, but the subsequently added picture and formula have only two phenyl groups.
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