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  1. The third box is Step 2, which is the decarboxylation of oxalosuccinate.
  2. Oxalosuccinic acid / oxalosuccinate is an unstable 6-carbon intermediate in the tricarboxylic acid cycle.
  3. The oxalosuccinate intermediate is hypothetical; it has never been observed in the decarboxylating version of the enzyme.
  4. Catalytic mechanism of the breakdown of isocitrate into oxalosuccinate, then into a final product of alpha-ketoglutarate.
  5. The decarboxylation of oxalosuccinate ( below center ) is a key step in the formation of alpha-ketoglutarate.
  6. It's difficult to find oxalosuccinate in a sentence.
  7. The oxidation of the alpha-C also takes place in this picture where NAD + accepts a hydride resulting in oxalosuccinate.
  8. The deprotonation of the carboxyl group causes the lone pair of electrons to move down making carbon dioxide and separating from oxalosuccinate.
  9. Unlike EC 1.1 . 1.42, isocitrate dehydrogenase ( NADP + ), oxalosuccinate cannot be used as a substrate.
  10. After the carbon dioxide is split from the oxalosuccinate in the decarboxylation step ( below right ), the enol will tautomerize to the keto from.
  11. Oxalosuccinate never leaves the active site of the enzyme, however; it's unstable and immediately undergoes decarboxylation to produce the 5-carbon compound, alpha-ketoglutarate.

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