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  1. Chief Mountain is a highly visible example of the Lewis Overthrust.
  2. Teton Valley is located within the Wyoming Overthrust Belt System.
  3. During the Westphalian the rocks in the Caqntabrian zone were folded and overthrust.
  4. The overthrust towards the north onto the southern edge of the Molasse Basin.
  5. Its top layer is an overthrust from the Iberian plate and is older than the bottom ones.
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  7. The Himalayas, the Alps, and the Appalachians are prominent examples of compressional orogenies with numerous overthrust faults.
  8. It is the tallest peak of the Sublette Mountains, which are part of the Southern Wyoming Overthrust Belt.
  9. The overthrust folds of a nappe belt ( e . g . the Central Alps ) are formed in a similar way.
  10. It is represented by an alpine reverse-fault along which the sediments of the South Pyrenean Zone are overthrust by the Axial Zone.
  11. A thrust fault just east of Fairview indicates where younger rocks from the Ordovician through Devonian were overthrust by their Cambrian neighbors to the east.
  12. One of the areas that would be studied as part of an across-the-board look at energy resources would be the Overthrust Belt.
  13. The Pine Mountain Overthrust Fault, a geologic fault system located several miles to the east, produces occasional tremors, the most recent in 2008.
  14. He traced the plications from minor to major stages, and illustrated the remarkable overthrust faultings in numerous sections and with the aid of pictorial drawings.
  15. From the south, the molasse deposits were overthrust about 10 kilometers by the Helvetic nappes, which caused the deformation in the Subalpine Molasse zone.
  16. His explanation of the geological structure showed that certain anomalous incidents of fossils were due to recurring interfoldings of the strata and to complex overthrust faults.
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