overthrow in a sentence

"overthrow" meaning  "overthrow" in Chinese  
  1. Try not to overthrow, and don't change anything.
  2. The cleric had long advocated the overthrow of the Egyptian government.
  3. In China it is considered an effort to overthrow the government.
  4. But you can't get crazy and overthrow ."
  5. If you feel too strong, you might tend to overthrow,
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  7. They said I was the only guy who could overthrow Noriega.
  8. 1989-- The United States invades Panama to overthrow Noriega.
  9. The ultimate objective, she indicated, is to overthrow Hussein.
  10. He didn't call for the overthrow of the regime.
  11. He seems to sometimes try to do too much or overthrow,
  12. Does he secretly advocate the violent overthrow of the American government?
  13. Chan Ho gets into trouble sometimes when he tries to overthrow.
  14. You can overthrow the boss, king, queen or whatever.
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