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  1. With the young studs, the adrenaline overtakes the thought process.
  2. No clutter of little objects in danger of overtaking any surface.
  3. Samsung is now the top memory chip maker, overtaking NEC.
  4. Soon another canoe overtakes, very unsurprisingly, containing 16 rowers.
  5. Conversations overtake the hum of the soundtrack emerging from car speakers.
  6. It's difficult to find overtake in a sentence.
  7. Still, whiteners promise to overtake baking soda as America ages.
  8. We let them overtake us and didn't fight back.
  9. The odds are long that Kerrey could overtake Gore and Gephardt.
  10. I think they have a shot ( at overtaking Ford ),
  11. I see ourselves as overtaking Yahoo in a year or so.
  12. The new names are slowly overtaking the old in common usage.
  13. Whether they will have a legitimate shot at overtaking the Yankees.
  14. New York is about not letting the past overtake the future.
  15. If it hits the target, Toyota could overtake General Motors.
  16. Theoretically, Girardelli, Mader or Aamodt still could overtake him.
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