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  1. Over at State, Gergen would climb to the seventh floor.
  2. He reared up, and he twisted and fell over backwards,
  3. The memorials were held over the weekend, the spokesman said.
  4. The Clintons commiserated over lunch with the Blairs the next day.
  5. But over the years something has happened to time and distance.
  6. It's difficult to find over in a sentence.
  7. We limboed under tobacco sticks and high-jumped over them.
  8. With the primary elections over, the gubernatorial campaigns of Gov.
  9. Use metal spatula to spread oil evenly over surface of skillet.
  10. But then O . J . Simpson took over the world.
  11. I'm over the hill, thank you ."
  12. Moscow seems intent on exerting its influence over its former satellites.
  13. "I couldn't get over it,"
  14. There are great teams all over the world, of course,
  15. In 10 days, however, it will all be over.
  16. And his creepy grandiosity casts a clammy chill over the film.
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