over a barrel in a sentence

"over a barrel" meaning  "over a barrel" in Chinese  
  1. And right now, Cablevision appears to have the Yankees over a barrel.
  2. "But now, a lot of firms aren't over a barrel at all.
  3. "He's a veteran's advocate but is over a barrel, " Brieden said.
  4. The Big 12 must figure it has Kansas City over a barrel.
  5. Alex Terentino feels like fuel suppliers have him over a barrel-- twice over.
  6. It's difficult to find over a barrel in a sentence.
  7. They may discover I've got them over a barrel _ hah!
  8. That you had the city and the NFL over a barrel, I mean.
  9. If they so chose, the Bruins had Thornton over a barrel.
  10. The owners of these buildings have the city over a barrel.
  11. Grandparently speaking, with this one gesture, Litman has the holidays over a barrel.
  12. "I'm not going to hold the Nets over a barrel.
  13. We have the poor dears, insecure about their role in society, over a barrel.
  14. She's got them over a barrel, but you need the trip in any race.
  15. They ( generators ) had us over a barrel and they stuck it to us.
  16. Absent competition, landlords have the city over a barrel.
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