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  1. Ovenshine stayed with the 5th U . S . during the Indian Wars.
  2. General Ovenshine and his wife, the former Sallie Yeatman Thompson, had seven children.
  3. Ovenshine was promoted to major in the 23rd United States Infantry Regiment on April 26, 1895.
  4. Near the Zapote Bridge, General Samuel Ovenshine moved his artillery on the road, flanked by his infantry.
  5. The fighting against the Spanish had already subsided by the time Ovenshine arrived, but hostilities between the U . S . Army and Filipinos were now growing.
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  7. Colonel Ovenshine and the 23rd U . S . were sent to the Philippines during the Spanish American War as part of Wesley Merritt's Eighth Army Corps.
  8. Ovenshine was promoted to brigadier general of volunteers by the end of September 1898 and took command of the 2nd Brigade in battle of Manila in 1899 and during the battle of Zapote Bridge.
  9. January 8, 1881, Captain Samuel Ovenshine, Fifth Infantry, with Companies A and G, Fifth Infantry, left Camp Poplar River to scout up the Missouri River for hostiles reported in that locality.

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