ovens valley in a sentence

  1. In Victoria, some of the major diggings were Mount Alexander or Forest Creek, Ovens Valley and Omeo.
  2. Ovens Valley is estimated to be a safe National Party seat with a margin of 19.2 %.
  3. He was a whaler and a goldminer in the Ovens Valley before returning to his parents'property near Leichhardt.
  4. The view from the chalet overlooks large sheets of granite and spectacular views of the Ovens Valley and Buckland Valley below.
  5. In 1859, many shop-keepers and miners from around Ovens Valley districts followed the rush and re-located into Chiltern.
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  7. The "'Electoral district of Ovens Valley "'is an electoral district of the Victorian Legislative Assembly in Australia.
  8. The basin overlies the Ovens Graben ( Ovens Valley Graben in Victoria ) which extends from the Murrumbidgee River west of Darlington Point in New South Wales to Wangaratta in Victoria.
  9. This survey has further delineated the boundaries of the basin, established the thickness of the sediment fill and imaged the structures of the Ovens Valley Graben along the margin and central portion of the basin.
  10. "' Timothy Logan McCurdy "'( born 16 January 1963 ) is an Australian politician, and has been a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly since 2010, representing Ovens Valley thereafter.
  11. In recent years, wine grape growing has been introduced to the area so that the area, being at the apex of the Ovens Valley and King Valley, is the centre of a significant food region with many farm gate and cellar door sales.

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