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  1. Moyhu is situated in the fertile King Valley, near the Ovens River in Wangaratta.
  2. Until the 1980s much of the area along the Ovens River was planted with tobacco.
  3. Morses Creek and the Ovens River have adjoining tracks which are ideal for short or long walks.
  4. It flows from the eastern slopes of the Buffalo Range in the Australian Alps, joining with the Ovens River at Porepunkah.
  5. It flows from the eastern slopes of the Buffalo Range in the Australian Alps, joining with the Ovens River west of.
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  7. It flows from the northern slopes of the Mount Buffalo National Park in the Australian Alps, joining with the Ovens River at.
  8. His family lived at Whorouly, a small settlement on the Ovens River between Myrtleford and Bunratty, Co . Clare, Ireland.
  9. The Sky 26er will also start in Howitt Park before crossing the Ovens River and running up and over Quins Gap then climbing Telegraph Spur to the top of Mt Porepunkah.
  10. A flash flood in the Buckland River following the bushfires in the summer of 2003 resulted in a major fish kill in the Ovens River and threatened town and rural water supplies.
  11. It flows from the northwestern slopes of the Alpine National Park in the Australian Alps, through the King Valley, and joining with the Ovens River at the rural city of Wangaratta.
  12. Best trails are found within the Baker's Gully area and downhill tracks are located off Mystic Hill, Apex Hill and in the Porepunkah pines on the south side of the Ovens River.
  13. The name comes from the Ovens River, the river in the part of north-eastern Victoria covered by the league, and the Murray River, which separates Victoria and New South Wales.
  14. The town is in the valley of the Ovens River and in the Rural City of Wangaratta local government area, northeast of the state capital, Melbourne and southeast of the regional centre of Wangaratta.
  15. In 2005 06, the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council proposed five new national parks ( Barmah, Gunbower, Lower Goulburn, Warby Range-Ovens River, Leaghur-Koorangie and a significant addition to Murray-Sunset ) and five new regional or other parks.
  16. Shepparton was once part of the vast Echuca Road District, which was formed in 1864 and became a shire in 1871, extended along the south bank of the Murray River, from Mount Hope Creek in the west, to the Ovens River in the east.
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