out gas in a sentence

"out gas" in Chinese  
  1. "We couldn't even joke about running out gas for sixth months ."
  2. Alberta's government has promised to phase out gas flaring in two years.
  3. Furthermore, the Italians carried out gas attacks on Red Cross camps and ambulances.
  4. Mindscape's " false IDs to avoid detection and knock-out gas to incapacitate enemies.
  5. The Porcupine can fire three bombs or three knock out gas bombs at once.
  6. It's difficult to find out gas in a sentence.
  7. Many people lived in improvised housing, such as garages and blown out gas stations.
  8. The company phased out gas exploration and related products and phased in data systems.
  9. Physostomes can " burp " out gas, though this complicates the process of re-submergence.
  10. Closer to the Gulf of Mexico, Ivan punched out gas station awnings, and kicked over billboards.
  11. Magma is rising easier and letting out gas,
  12. Those caves feature sleeping quarters, offices, air-tight chambers to wait out gas attacks, and private toilets.
  13. She stops at a burned out gas station and finds a penny and a dime merged.
  14. He also had a Hornet knock-out gas gun.
  15. But Saturday's blast was especially violent, pouring out gas and hot stones for 12 seconds, ANSA reported.
  16. By the final 10 minutes of the game, it appeared that Tubbs'six-man rotation was running out gas.
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