out games in a sentence

  1. What you do is pull out game films to show them.
  2. Meanwhile, Broderbund Software continues to pump out games for kids.
  3. There was no time to have another feeling-out game.
  4. You never like sitting out games, especially at Coors Field.
  5. It's going to be a shoot-out game.
  6. It's difficult to find out games in a sentence.
  7. The Diamondbacks have sold out Games 1 and 2 in Phoenix.
  8. It's a makeup of a rained-out game.
  9. Rain on October 19, however, washed out Game 1.
  10. St . Francis Brooklyn has struggled closing out games this season.
  11. Closing out games was the Indians'most glaring weakness.
  12. We knew this would be a grind-out game.
  13. But the close-out game is the hardest game.
  14. I would like to see us close out games better,
  15. That first game is always that feeling-out game.
  16. They didn't know how to finish out games.
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