out front in a sentence

"out front" meaning  "out front" in Chinese  
  1. To see an officer out front walking around makes me very happy,
  2. Bodine was able to stay out front with the freshest tires.
  3. Then they just park it out front on a Sunday morning.
  4. That would be enough as far as he is out front,
  5. The latest polls show him out front by a dozen points.
  6. It's difficult to find out front in a sentence.
  7. Insurers are quietly trying to get out front of the problem.
  8. I was surprised when he ( Bada ) went out front,
  9. Moor your boat out front or rent one for lake exploration.
  10. There was tear gas everywhere and the National Guard out front.
  11. Out front was a man who ran an accounting office inside.
  12. The guy who is out front would have got hung out.
  13. But we still see a building with a bombed out front.
  14. The best place to be in a race is out front,
  15. He has won all six of his majors from out front.
  16. Out front, the next batch of aspirants was being typed out.
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