out from in a sentence

"out from" in Chinese  
  1. I think they help my stories stand out from the rest.
  2. Indeterminate chords colored by mallet percussion float out from the stage.
  3. Roadside espresso is spreading along the interstates out from Puget Sound.
  4. He is expected to be out from six to eight weeks.
  5. I figure that her spirit will come out from the debris.
  6. It's difficult to find out from in a sentence.
  7. You got absolutely no chance of throwing him out from there,
  8. Then use the rag to work out from the corner stripe.
  9. People came all the way out from Popular Bluff to eat.
  10. His was the face peering out from war-bond posters.
  11. We're just coming out from the underground ."
  12. Nicole Simpson did everything but literally cry out from the grave.
  13. See that big brown butt sticking out from behind that tree?
  14. Check this out from alt . fan . newt-gingrich:
  15. Now, white-collar people stare out from every row.
  16. But even in school, Palfrey stood out from the crowd.
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