out from the shadow in a sentence

  1. That has allowed it to move out from the shadows of former colonial powers like France and Belgium.
  2. Similarly, Jones brought Daffy Duck out from the shadow of Donald to stardom in his own right.
  3. Chris'brother Daryl comes out from the shadows, showing a grotesque appearance, and chooses Cordelia.
  4. Then Makuta proclaims, " You can come out now ", and Keetongu comes out from the shadows.
  5. :" We have to bring these killings out from the shadows and teach women about their rights.
  6. It's difficult to find out from the shadow in a sentence.
  7. As an independent company, he said, " we're coming out from the shadows ."
  8. Nurse Diesel leaps out from the shadows and attacks Throndyke with a broom, but falls out the tower window.
  9. "I wanted to leave Houston to get out from the shadow of my dad, " he said.
  10. Two Marines step out from the shadows and put up one hand while keeping their M-16s ready to fire.
  11. When asked about Vice President Al Gore, Clinton said it was tough coming out from the shadow of a popular president.
  12. Under Augustyn's stewardship, the Flash was brought out from the shadow of his predecessors and increased his powers dramatically.
  13. She learns that, however dark our secrets, the only way out from the shadows is to stand in the light.
  14. As things stand, we are just anxious spectators, waiting for Mother to leap out from the shadows at the Bates Motel.
  15. I would gladly do that because then the ratings board would have to come out from the shadows and reveal who they are.
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