out from the deep in a sentence

  1. "' " Out From The Deep " "'is a 1994 song created by the German electronic band Enigma.
  2. Additionally, the music video for " Out from the Deep " which was dropped from the " Remember the Future"
  3. Above ground the two sites, huge mountains of waste rock dug out from the deep, are separated by two miles of golden, rolling fields.
  4. It became Enigma's second consecutive number one album in the United Kingdom and peaked at number nine on the Sliver ", and " Out from the Deep ".
  5. The oil in the layers that went deeper is now under even more pressure-but the areas that were pushed up are under less pressure-the oil is slowly squeezed out from the deep areas to the shallower areas.
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  7. This video caught the attention of Geffen Records which offered him a contract to direct in-house music videos; which led to a collaboration with hit artist Snap ! making 6 of their music videos, including the ground breaking 3D and Motion Controlled video for their hit single " The World in my Hand ", which led the giant label BMG Ariola to move him to England to direct videos for some of Europe s top artists, including Enigma's award winning music video for their single " Out from the Deep ", one of the first video fully integrating live action with computer graphics animation.

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