out from the dark in a sentence

  1. "Kumbaya ! " it called out from the dark.
  2. He nearly loses his senses when he tries to stop the Mo Xie sword coming out from the Dark Spring in Wan Qing forest.
  3. According to a book on IIT Kanpur's history, Prof . Kelkar's influence helped IITK in  breaking out from the dark clouds of traditional systems in technical education.
  4. "We need to bring offsets out from the dark corners of the arms industry and into the light of public debate and its impact on our economy, " he adds.
  5. The witch, who is lying in wait for him, suddenly comes out from the dark shadows and while the doctor is barely conscious to look at her with wide shocked eyes, pierces his body and brutally kills him.
  6. It's difficult to find out from the dark in a sentence.
  7. The double doors swing out from the dark and insular locker room at Giants Stadium, and after your first few steps to your right, you can already see the yellow standard of the goal posts in the west end zone.
  8. In the headlights of a truck, workers frantically slashed open packets of food bars and, their polyethylene-gloved hands flashing in the light, thrust them out from the dark at the children, who looked as at them as if they were grenades.

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