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  1. Surprisingly and unambiguously, moreover, the evidence also ruled out frame 65.
  2. Carpenters typically mark out framing members " on-center ", the measurements are to the centers of each member.
  3. The OP doesn't understand any of the explanations out there-and you start handing out frames of reference and such.
  4. Introduced in 1927, the Detective Special was one of the first short-barreled revolvers produced with a modern swing-out frame.
  5. At age 16, he smuggled gold for profit from France into Belgium in the hollowed-out frame of a Mercedes.
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  7. Worn-out frames were brought back to Istanbul, where they are still kept as part of the sacred relics in the Topkap1 Palace.
  8. I drive over, pick out frames, and before I can say " astigmatism " they'll have me back among the sighted and working.
  9. The burned out frames of more than a dozen trucks and cars were still smoldering in the streets after the weekend of rioting.
  10. After playing one of the ballads from his forthcoming album, the actor giddily discusses the video, which he has already mapped out frame by frame.
  11. Once the boat half was removed, beds could be folded out to the left and right sides and a fold-out frame raised complete with a fabric covering.
  12. The second wave in white armbands, were to carry entrenching tools and a third wave in red armlets were to follow with knife rests, dug-out frames, steel plates and planks.
  13. Another problem is that after having been rolled up for a while, it won't want to lie flat, but a fold-out frame, possible stored inside the tube, could hold it flat.
  14. At the crash scene Saturday, where rescue crews continued the grisly job of exploring the wreckage while traffic throughout the region came to a halt, the twisted, burnt-out frame of the plane lay stretched across Interstate 495.
  15. They offer a large, adjustable seat with backrest, a stretched-out frame that positions your legs in front of your body and handlebars either at or above shoulder level or below the seat where your arms can hang naturally.
  16. Outside of court, LaRouche denied all the charges, calling them " an all-out frame-up by a state and federal task force, " and said that the federal government was trying to kill him . " The purpose of this frame-up is not to send me to prison.
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