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"out for the count" meaning  "out for the count" in Chinese  
  1. But is the " mother of the nation " finally out for the count?
  2. During the fight, Rocky is eventually beaten down and is seemingly out for the count.
  3. Armstrong insisted that Ullrich, the adversary he most respects, is not out for the count.
  4. It was the first time in 200 bouts Benjamin would be called out for the count.
  5. But we are not out for the count.
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  7. Downed by pregnancy, marriage and other pesky adult things, the Girls may be out for the count.
  8. Armstrong delighted in the body-blow to Ullrich, his main challenger, but said the German wasn't out for the count yet.
  9. In the sixth round Siki hit Carpentier with a powerful right uppercut that appeared to put Carpentier down and out for the count.
  10. When an actor lost his popularity, or even his career momentum _ particularly a star _ he was invariably out for the count.
  11. LeBanner, of Paris, nailed Brazil's Da Silva with a left kick to the jaw that knocked him down and out for the count.
  12. Ajax looked out for the count but Jari Litmanen headed a goal from a free kick and the final stages started to look interesting.
  13. Of the duo's twelve studio albums at the time, all but their third " Out for the Count " were represented in some form.
  14. But the Northridge earthquake of 1994, instead of knocking the city out for the count, was a catalyst for the broad-based revival that was already under way.
  15. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds, but only lasted until the sixth when George was laid out for the count, making Smart the new British flyweight champion.
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