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  1. "' Church of Our Saviour "'is a historic English Gothic Revival style.
  2. The feast of Our Saviour was celebrated annually on 6 August.
  3. In health or sickness to adorn the doctrine of Christ our Saviour ."
  4. Two years later he published " The Chronology of our Saviour's Life ".
  5. Joseph Azzopardi, who at that time was Rector of the Chapel of Our Saviour.
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  7. Until two or three years ago, there was only the one at Our Saviour.
  8. Church of Our Saviour defines its vision as, " Making people powerful in God.
  9. Grundtvig had previously been priest at Church of Our Saviour . from 1722 to 1826.
  10. In 1964 Hurricane Dora destroyed the Church of Our Saviour, including the stained glass window.
  11. It was also renamed " Our Saviour 2013 ".
  12. The Bishop of Norwich, Edmund Freke, accused Hamont of denying Christ to be our Saviour.
  13. It's to this century what " Christ our Saviour " was to the fifth century.
  14. I want to first of all give thanks to the Lord, our saviour Jesus Christ,
  15. He also served as pastor at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Minnesota from 1961 to 1963.
  16. Both St . Paul's and the Church of Our Saviour have been feuding with the diocese.
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