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  1. _Other rates drop 1 percentage point each in 2002, 2005 and 2007.
  2. MPAA-type ratings and any other ratings for television continue to spark debate.
  3. An increase in that rate will force other rates higher as well.
  4. Banks and other rate-sensitive shares rose on falling bond yields and analysts'recommendations.
  5. The other rating agencies have said they may also downgrade such bonds.
  6. It's difficult to find other rating in a sentence.
  7. Other rates, including the prime rate, derive from this base rate.
  8. Other rates which are not independent are calculated as cross rate.
  9. When that rate goes up or down, many other rates follow.
  10. It will be accompanied by changes in many other rates, including international mail.
  11. Other rates vary by company, and include per-person rates, luggage handling, and pets.
  12. Of 19 artists that exhibited Lord, along with two others rated a mention.
  13. Other rating agencies use this approach as well, but not all of them.
  14. Will motels charge the game weekend rates, or some other rates?
  15. Other major benefits : other rate reductions, marriage penalty adjustments, reduced exemption phaseout.
  16. Credit card interest, home mortgages, and other rates typically follow suit.
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