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  1. It was awarded to other ranks for distinguished service in the field.
  2. V Corps lost 456 officers and 8935 other ranks during this battle.
  3. During almost eight months of its officers, and 19, 679 other ranks.
  4. 6 AC & WU's strength comprised three officers and 32 Other Ranks.
  5. ML2 is open to Other Ranks who have completed Junior Command Course.
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  7. Each regiment would be manned by 37 officers and 655 other ranks.
  8. During the campaign they lost 22 officers and 398 other ranks killed.
  9. Three officers and 31 other ranks of the 76th were made prisoner.
  10. Other ranks in the Army and the Air Force are entirely volunteer.
  11. The ship had a crew of 74 officers and other ranks.
  12. The radio was built and operated in the British other ranks'compound.
  13. It is not a necessity to be saluted by other ranks.
  14. Other ranks'clothing was largely identical to that of common working men.
  15. There were 6, 400 other ranks, of which 336 were British.
  16. Two officers and 56 other ranks were killed in the attacks.
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